Willow by Julia Hoban

I re-read this book yesterday just because i really love it.

One of the best books in my sisters collection. Since i already read this book I knew what was going to happen even so I loved the experience to jump into the story and read Willow’s story. It’s just the way this story is told. How Willow always on herself for thinking it was her fault that her parents died in that car accident. Then how slowly she lets Guy in even though he found out her secret by accident. I find it interesting how in this book the author Julia Hoban chose to have Willow be scared to feel anything but physical pain. By the end of the story your going to see it was just amazing  to read a story of a person with immense grief that resorts to cutting and falls in love with the only person that knows it. The only person to know all of her that cares so much he was willing to at least try to watch her doing so. The last thing Willow understands is that she has a new Lover to love back.

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