the Summoning (Darkest Powers #1) by Kelley Armstrong

First I want to start of saying I’m re-reading this book, Second I even loved it the second time around, & Third here’s my review.


The concept of the book, supernatural test subjects being told they were crazy, was portrayed excellently. The whole 12 yrs. earlier thing I give a thumbs up. Then Chloe Saunders being all moody, crappy, and complaining about not going to Puberty. When she finally realizes that she is getting involved in the whole Puberty thing she becomes spontaneous but in the end she finds her true nature seeing GHOST.   When Chloe realizes she is now going to be sent to a group she feels it unnecessary that she isn’t crazy or is she?  All going towards this great book of betrayals and over coming’s.


With all That’s going the only thing I don’t get so far what’s with all the secrets and fall-outs. Why think to let the kids grow up without knowing I would like to know to at l wast know I’m different and how. Total cliff-hangers man (smh) sometimes its the best things to d but sometimes it’s just annoying but in this book I thought it was great !!! Three thumb up for this book.

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