Cloaked by Alex Flinn

This the second book I read from Alex Flinn and I totally loved it, an amazing twist to the Princess and the Frog.

Does the frog get turned by an evil witch ? yes

Does he end up with the princess ? Of course

But not in the way you might think. This is the story of how the princess was able to find the prince in frog form , what did the frog get himself into to get turned into a frog and an amusing love story no one saw coming especially the shoe keeper the elf princess and the crazy old fox.

Was it all chance or Destiny ? Destiny or how else did the shoe keeper defeat the crazy monster and tamed the Witches son.

Could you be a King and marry the jealous Step mother? Of course if she was beautiful enough

But can she keep me from my children ? No

Do you believe in magic ? Well you will after the stories you will read in this book. Cloaked.

This is all i could say without utterly ruining the book.


Thanks for reading

Chrislives4books Always