A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton (Gods and Monsters #2)

A Beautiful Evil (Gods & Monsters, #2)A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to say this second installment in the Gods and Monsters series was truly awesome and I think it hit a couple of my expectations on the nose and some were truly and totally knocked out of the water. I liked the ending a lot and cant wait to hear of the next installment to the series to find out where Athena stands.

The story takes place after the first book ends when the people Ari should have held close were stripped from her because of the Goddess Athena’s jealousy. In New 2 a lot of things are broken and when Ari refuses to stay in the Quarter but live in the old broken Mansion she calls home. Micheal, Sebastian’s, father and her new guardian doesn’t understand that she has a place among the kids that already live there. Ari doesn’t waste time and tries to find out anything she could on Athena to think about her whereabouts. When Ari finally finds out where Athena could be hiding she finds out she needs something she might not be able to get her hands on. After finding a way to get her hands on some of what she needed for the plan to work out she gets herself and Sebastian caught by Athena. In the end only one unruly force can stand above the ashes, victorious. And lets all hope it’s Ari.

My favorite non-spoiler scene is this….
( Imagine she, Ari, just kicked some drunk vampires ass for doing something she didn’t like )
“The only monster here is you and your sick friends,” I growled. “Torturing and killing doesn’t make you popular it makes you egomaniacal piece of shit just like Athena…..”

P.s. I just love the cover of the book as well. Her silvery white hair turning into a snake, Awesome.

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