Dark World by Danielle Q. Lee

Dark WorldDark World by Danielle Q. Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well i only read this book because i was looking through the free nook books ,on my nook and decided to give it a try ……. i um kind of loved it.

Crazy mother of the son of Lucifer this book has its epic twists.

1. in the begging Scarlett is a turd for following her date into some creepy woods.
p.s. if the whole town is in lock down because of some crazy ” things ” that happened years ago why let your daughter out ?(just saying)
2. dying isn’t pretty and well going to hell and not being “dead” isn’t either.
3. you’ll just have to read the book to find out more of why fate seeing Scarlett might have something to do with the Phoenix in the stars.

i enjoyed this book because of the change of scene and how Danielle Q. Lee can make a demon with onyx colored skin , horns , and crazy blue hair seen in the slightest bit appealing. everyone who like old magic, crazy monsters and tales of adventures of the hell ridden soul eaters this is their book.

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I’m back

Hey all you readers, I’ve been havingĀ  hard time with getting these books read and I have read some YA novels that are interesting but that will have to wait till I have time to post a detailed post about them coming soon maybe Wednesday. Thank Goodness school is out and I will post more often now. Happy fourth of July Bloggers, Blog readers and book lovers.