ReAwakened (Angel Creek #2) by Ada Adams

ReAwakened (Angel Creek, #2)ReAwakened by Ada Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why Why WHY!!!.
The book was good longer than I thought it was going to be. That was a good I hate when books are too short. Anyway, in this book we see Dawn grow as a vampire. She gains the experience that by living in the Scarlet House she didn’t have. After President Alistar’s death the Team is announced to be the Guardian’s of Angel Creek. During and After the ceremony the whole thing goes down hill. New characters are introduced like Lena a dazziling new vampire that shows up in Angel Creek after the ceremony. And Razor, that as in the expert baisically picks a fight with the wrong Girl, D.

Brooke: I love her she’s so lively and such a girly girl. She tries throughout the whole book to primp Dawn up. Always trying to bring some pretty to the group. She is also described as not being as smart as Seth in her studies.

Seth: The techy guy of the group. The garlic cupcake loving vampire who is good with technology. Ada hinted to a secret relationship brewing between him and Brooke. Since he was turned by Brooke and his life was “ruined” by that their was some hostility in the beginning but it clears up in the end. I wonder what she has planned for them.

Hunter: The brooding guitarist turned vampire by some crazy vampire. He’s also on the top of my favorites list in this book. You can’t help falling in love with him. Thank God he wasn’t a love intrest for Dawn or I would have not read the book because I would not have been able too choose. I also like the part he plays in this book. XD

Razor: I can’t divulged a lot about him. I can say he is sexy and could possibly be a total sleaze ball if he wasn’t so damn lovable.

Why did it have to end like that. I went through the whole book saying yes we are going to have an okay ending I’m not going to be heartbroken. I was disappointed I got to the last couple of pages and boom dead. Dead my hopes were dead. Why!!!

Ada Adams

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Whisper At Moonrise by C.C. Hunter (Shadow Falls #4)

Whispers at Moonrise (Shadow Falls, #4)Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I am all caught up on the Shadow Falls Series and I’m loving it. The end of the last book was a cliff hanger and so was this one but it answered a lot of my questions. I couldn’t get over the fact that her father told her that she was a Chameleon and she wouldn’t let it go. I believed Kylie when everyone thought that she was going to stay as the first paranormal pattern she had. I thought it was pretty obvious that she wouldn’t be something that they had heard of already because they probably would have thought of it before. I thought the whole scare of Hannah made the whole book and I don’t think my heart could have handled Mario and his gang in this book.
******** ******************* ********
I think Kylie should pick
Lucas- because they have history and he’s a lovable werewolf who just wants to understand and love her. Lucas met Kylie first
Derek- He’s a fae, understands her ghost whispering part of Kylie. And he loves her knowing she has feelings for Lucas.
Lucas- Very Jealous and has trouble with letting Kylie into the werewolf part of his life.
Derek- He didn’t go straight to Holiday to help him with his feelings and instead pulled away from Kylie to then reveal that he’s in love with her.
Major cliff hanger but a perfect end to the book that I crave for the next book but not too much that I might almost die if I don’t read the next book. Maybe!

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Taken At Dusk by C.C. Hunter (Shadow Falls # 3)

I didn’t even remember reading this book and it was because I didn’t. I thought I did and I was about to buy Whisper at Moon rise but I started reading the first couple of pages when I realized that I hadn’t read the book yet. So that’s the little tale of how I started reading this book.

Taken at Dusk (Shadow Falls, #3)Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For the third installment of the Shadow Falls series this book was very anticipated by the fans of C.C. Hunter. One of my favorite Authors and One of my favorite Series. This book was very good, if you read the other book Awaken at Dusk you know that you had to keep reading.*Spoiler*The book starts after her very hectic weekend with Mario and that gang. Kylie is walking towards Holiday’s office very nervous to finally meet someone who knew her father, Her adopted Grandparents. Next thing you know they went off and disappeared!
I can’t believe the ups and downs.
Then a series of animals going buzerk around Kylie stirred up the unease about Mario. Plus Kylie’s uncertainty of herself having a crazy brain pattern and then the presumption of being a protector. Which pretty much means that you have pretty awesome powers and aren’t able to use them unless protecting someone. It also kind of means more of a crap parade on Kylie’s plate. Another thing on her plate is the ghost who seemed to follow her from the Fallen Cemetery on her way back from the weekend with her mom with the message Someone lives; Someone dies. Kylie’s plate also contains Red, Lucas and Derek and Ellie. Ellie the girl that Derek brought back with him from his mission from the FRU. Through the hell she goes through Kylie pushes through. Danger surround Kylie Galen as she makes her way through her quest, to find the answers to the hardest questions their are.

In the end I think this book deserves a hundred stars instead of five.

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The Calling (Darkness Rising #2) by Krlley Armstromg

The Calling (Darkness Rising, #2)The Calling by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked the second installment of the Darkness Rising series. If you read the first book The Gathering you’ll love this book. For you who have read the book can you Imagine what the next book is going to be like (*evil laugh*) Amazing!!!!

Summary without spoilers:
I expected more action in this one but common they didn’t know where they were. In this book the helicopter the kids were in, crashed in the middle of nowhere. The only thing they could do is try to find out where to go next. The evil group who set fire to their home is believed to be somewhere out there following them. Maya and Daniel have to be the leaders and get the rest of them alive and out of the woods, but nothing is as it seems. Are the guys following them the bad guys?, What is Salmon Creek?, and Is making it home enough? These questions are all answered in this book and more.

Questions I had
Who killed Serena?
Do they all live?
What secrets are shared?
Do they make it home?

Mind racing, heart pumping, lung burning anticipation to what happens in the third installment of Darkness Rising.

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Bewitching by Alex Flinn

Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles, #1)Bewitching by Alex Flinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just Love this woman (Alex Flinn), her books can make you feel anything. Sad, happy, frustrated,and even angry.

Personally I liked Kendra’s story and how she discovered herself being a witch. And how she “helped” other people with her powers.

I think in the end Kendra helped everyone. If it wasn’t for her, Luis would have never manned up, Doria would have never found the love of her life and wouldn’t had seen “Angels”, and Emma would have never moved on.

There are a few story lines and due to Kendra being an old witch these stories , her story of helping people intertwine with history. All the back stories were brief but delightful and well organized as to not get mixed up on which story is which.

Emma and Lisette’s story is the longest and more detailed. It starts when Emma is thirteen and her rich father or “step father” who loved her very much tells her he has another daughter,who has to live with them now. Emma’s mother doesn’t want this girl, Lisette, to come into their life and ruin everything. Either way Emma doesn’t know what to feel at having this other daughter come into her dads life. She tries to become sister with this girl but soon finds out that this Cinderella story is all twisted.

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iN the Forest of the Night (Den of shadows #1) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

In the Forests of the Night (Den of Shadows, #1)In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I cant believe I’ve never shelved this book it is one of my all time favorites. I just Love Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and her novels.

The story of a vampire, turned at least three hundred years as of the time spoken in the book, who wanders the streets of Massachusetts. Believing her family long dead she keeps to herself as to not know the horror of loosing someone close. She relives her past as she has to confront one of the people who are responsible for her turning.

If I write anything else I’ll give stuff away. I believe more people should read this book because My hero Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is one the best fiction writers ever, And because I’ve read this book at least five times this year only.

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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is truly a great book and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next one in this series Catching Fire.

An adventures story of a girl, whose father died when she was young now the head of the family,throwing her self in the face of death for her only sister Prim. When Prim get chosen to be the tribute for district 12 Katniss volunteers, knowing what lies ahead.

Katniss promises her sister she would win. When it is time to leave district 12 and go to the Capitol Katniss knows this might be a promise she might not get to keep. But once in the games alliances form trusts are broken and hearts torn apart.

When at least half of the tributes remain things get interesting and Katniss might have a chance at winning and saving someones life. The rules have changed and people have died can Katniss find her co-tribute and win , survive.

When the only hope is to stare death in the face and fight will Katniss be able to save herself without hurting the ones she loves?

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